Giving away secrets

I have enjoyed photography for many, many years. I bought a point-and-shoot camera when my husband and I went on an Alaskan cruise in 2012. These photos were not horrible. In fact, I have several of these photos framed and are currently hanging in my home. As I walk by them today, however, I analyze them based on the knowledge that I have now.

Since 2012, I have:

  1. Upgraded my camera to a DSLR,
  2. Took several classes from my local photography shop,
  3. Participated in many photo walks with experienced professional photographers; and
  4. Searched the internet high and low for tutorials and videos to learn as much as I can about photography.

And, it has paid off. I have met so many wonderful photographers who are willing to impart their knowledge about photography. Of course I paid for lessons, especially when I was first learning my camera. I thought that it was essential to learn how to use my camera properly. I wanted to learn the basics on how to hold and use my camera before I stepped too far into one field or another.

I gravitated toward macro and water drop photography. I will be forever thankful to people like Corrie White who wrote the ultimate book on water drop photography, and Mike Browne. If you are interested in macro photography, search for videos by Mike Browne. Trust me, they will take you far.

It is my intention to blog about macro and water drop photography in the hopes of teaching photographers who want to learn the techniques. I have a few tricks up my sleeve and I’m willing to give away my secrets. So, stay tuned … you may learn something

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